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In these sessions, I work on a psychic and intuitive level.


We will examine the patterns, traumas, or wounds that continue to resurface in your life. We will work together to track these origins, -  whether they may stem from the womb, your childhood, or a past life. I use my intuition to listen deeply and channel on behalf of my unconscious. 

These sessions reveal not only the pieces of yourself you may have buried, denied, or become disassociated from, but they also invite you to call those pieces back home and into coherence with your whole being. 


Our intention in these sessions is to examine the compulsion we all have to recreate our childhood wounds. It’s important to understand how, deep down, we all seek resolution with our past. Yet, simultaneously, (and unconsciously), we continue to armor ourselves against a past (and predictable) outcome which recreates the very thing we fear most. These perceptions we hold about the world lie at the core of the patterns we create, - even when a part of us knows that they no longer serve us. 


In our sessions, I help you to identify these patterns by teaching you to illuminate the inner dialogue between your many conscious and unconscious selves. By learning to distinguish the voices of the inner critic, the cynic and the saboteur from the voice of your true inner guidance, you will begin to release your old conditioning. In this way, you become more attuned with your intuition and connect more authentically with your higher knowing; So you can truly trust yourself as you realign with your divine core. 


Single Session

~One Intuitive Counseling Session

There are moments in each of our lives when we are faced with challenges, blocks, or in need of trusted guidance.
These sessions help you to get clear insight into specific situations. Together, we'll uncover the root cause of what's troubling you or weighing heavily on your heart.
As an Intuitive, I help you to dig deeply into your own patterns, family constellation and unconscious conditioning. Together, we'll empower you to develop new strategies to deal with old problems.


Cost:  $180




Intuitive Counseling 3-session package

~ The Perspective Shift- Gaining new insight into a specific situation or issue

This program is designed to be a self-passed vessel of transmutation. 

This in-depth transformational program includes:

  • 3 intuitive counseling sessions on Zoom (recorded)

  • Shared Recordings

  • You will be asked to contemplate and journal about questions and themes that show up in our sessions.

  • Exercises of self-inquiry to invite greater, awareness around what it is that you may unconsciously have an aversion to, that is actually calling for your attention.

  • Journal work in between calls so we can stay connected.

  • Please note you must share your journal entries at least 42 hrs before our next call


Cost $500  






The Compass Method 

The Compass is a spiritual guidance system designed to help people navigate their inner world, supporting as both a guiding tool as well as a spiritual map of our innerverse.


This journey of self-realization connects us with the coordinates to our sacred purpose and all that which gives our life deeper meaning. In these sessions, we draw on the foundational tenets of this. This practice is informed by my background in pathwork and personal self-integration. It’s an effective, spiritual tool that sheds light on how, frequently, what it is we are running towards, is precisely what we secretly hope will save us from what we fear most. For many of us, what we most hope for is what we think will save us from our greatest fears. Ironically, what we’re most afraid of is often the very curriculum that we came here to learn about in this lifetime. This behavior also represents the wheel of Samsara, a pattern that repeats itself seeking to be released from its time-worn, grinding repetition. Through a series of exercises and dialogue, we discover how underneath our most primal fear is a wound, and how underneath that wound lies an ember of transmutation that’s waiting for the temperance of our own awakened self-awareness. Together we will gently, steadfastly become more conscious of those impulses and inner distortions that we avoid in life. We’ll learn to face our unconscious, habituated patterns in order to consciously choose what is most aligned with our divine will.


The Compass teaches practical self-awareness tools that help us to identify and transform our shadow into a gift so that it may truly grow into the coordinates that guide us toward our sacred purpose. When we reclaim our spiritual sovereignty, we grow into the gatekeepers of grace, co-creating our destiny and a more humane world.

Cost: $2400 (6 month program)

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