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"Alicia Marie is one of the rare people I know who has a clear and direct channel to Spirit. 

Her intuition is downright powerful and she can see through situations and complex emotions and always find the tangled thread that needs unraveling. 

Patiently, gracefully, with gentle kindness she will lead you through a needed process of self reflection, so that clarity is achieved! Then she will guide you through the sequential steps of action required to integrate your newfound clarity into the fabric of life!

As a holistic practitioner and student of Shipibo shamanic lineage, I have done a lot of work and coached a lot of people, but when I am the one who needs help, I go to Alicia! I am beyond grateful to have her in my life and I am grateful for the gifts she so generously shares with the world!"

Vivica  Menegaz/ Nutritionist and Healer / Ojai Ca

"Alicia truly has a gift to teach and to guide. She has taught me how to go inward, how to meet my guides and how listen to and follow my intuition. How to find what is in there. I would recommend this class for anyone on a spiritual path. Beginner or experienced, I am sure that you will find the class and the sacred space created a benefit to your life and path."

Jarred Brown/ Cowboy and Explorer / Nashville TN

"Alicia helped me reclaim parts of myself I didn’t even realize I had lost connection with, especially my intuition. My sessions with her have been far more impactful than traditional therapy because of her incredible gift of intuition. Alicia was able to sense and gently guide my attention to the areas within myself that required forgiveness and acceptance.  Alicia’s capacity for deep compassion offered me a much needed safe space to explore myself. If you are considering working with Alicia please say YES to yourself and make the investment in your healing, you will not regret it. "

Genaye Ladousier/ Social worker/ Cleveland Ohio

“I’ve been pursuing therapy for the better part of a decade, and hands down have gotten so much more out of my intuitive counseling sessions with Alicia, than with any other talk/energy therapy I’ve sought out. Her ability to cut to the root of the issue, has been so effective and efficient in my personal growth journey. I honestly feel we make more progress in a single session than I did previously with multiple conventional therapy sessions. The resources and guidance she gives has been an integral part of my coming back to myself and working through past traumas.”

Jesse Watts/ Recording Studio/ Nashville TN

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