Private Sessions
My work as psychic and intuitive guide centers around sessions to help you gain greater clarity around specific areas of your life. I offer you insights into patterns, trauma, or wounds that continue to resurface in your life. These sessions help to uncover not only what may lay buried in your unconscious, but also give you practical tools to help shift your habitual patterns. These sessions are not typical conversations. Rather, I am channeling on behalf of your own higher self. Many people find that our sessions invite a deep confirmation of what they already knew but may not have been able to recognize.
There is a certain level of this work that is karmic. I approach it with deep humility. My work is not for everyone. Some people's guides come through very strong, while others don't. What helps to ensure a successful session, is complete transparency, vulnerability, and humility.
If I don't feel we are a fit, I will know quickly and refund you the payment for your session. I look forward to working with you. 
My rates are:
 $150 for 75 minutes.
3 sixty-minute sessions for $300.
  • I do 15 min free consultations you can book through the link below.
  • I also work on a sliding scale. No one is turned down for lack of financial means.