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The Work.

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

~ what sustains a person's spirit in troubling times~

The reason we choose to do deep work is not to manifest a cover for our ego to engage in a self-serving dialogue that proves its necessity to the world. It is easy to get caught in these traps of the mind. We do this work to face ourselves on every level. To find the quietude that is essential in doing any deep work, to ask the question, “how am I creating the troubles in my life and what can I do to shift my perspective?” We do not come to this work for material profit or to create fame for ourselves.

To be a spiritual guide you must first become a student. In the process of becoming a student, you learn to serve and in serving you learn to be humble. Humility is an aspect of the path that can often be missed or glossed over in our ambition to meet our spiritual goals.

To sit with spirit we must have patience. That patience is how we honor the unfolding. It is one thing to receive a vision and it is another to practice its virtue until it breaths into you a new understanding of what is possible.

This path is not something to use to further your own agenda but to receive clarity on how you can grow into and become the best version of yourself. To heal your wounds, the wounds of the planet and the ancestors.

The path of magic can reveal many layers of the unchained heart, and it is our austerity that keeps us aligned with our highest purpose for the healing of the planet.

Spirit calls to us all equally. We are all ‘special' in her eyes, much like children of the all-seeing source that has given birth to humanity. We all have special gifts. It is our love for one another that creates the springboard for us to bring these gifts into reality. It is our austerity that ensures we continue to serve source once we get there.

There is an oscillation that flows between fetishizing the spiritual journey and the genuine discovery of the path of the mystic.

What happens when we normalize the mystical? Which is in its self, profane, is that we lose sight of the sacred. When we normalize our mystical or spiritual experiences we dilute the magnitude of what they teach us.

When we speak about the depth of a world that lives beyond words and their limited meaning, we are taking a concept that lives outside of time and caging it by attempting to squeeze it into a single thought. There is a time for all things but it’s important to let thoughts become knowledge and let knowledge become wisdom.

The mystical experience is formless and energetic in quality. It occurs in the subtle body. It teaches us to listen deeply. It helps us to tune into what is sacred. The water, the earth, the wind, the birds, our reflections of each other, and always, the purity of silence… And in this, there is a witnessing... "Witnessing allows us to behold the emerging gift of pure luminosity. We begin to remember each other as spiritual beings, as light beings, and as souls."

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