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Memoirs of forgiveness:

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Memoirs of forgiveness:

We live in an energetic web you can imagine it almost like a spider web that is comprised of our choices, our interactions, and our experiences. Each intersection is made up of all the paths we cross.

The intersections closest to us are our immediate family and loved ones. The circles expand into the infinite with intersecting points marking all the lives we touch as we walk the earth. When we die the energy of our soul is released into this web.

Positive experiences release light into the web that illuminates the path of connection to source. While a negative experiences create a magnetic pull that polarizes or distorts the stream consciousness looping us back to a certain moment or conversation

Either in life or in facing death we will meet ourselves, our judgments, our shame our guilt, that which we said, and that which we didn’t, so let us not wait another moment to make peace.

What good does it do to hold onto the wounds of our past except to possibly allow to the pretense of our story to depict the plot line of our future.

How we choose to live effects all the beings that have crossed our path. This is an aspect of Karma. When we have cleared our karma with someone light fills the stream that passes between us and the infinite.

This healing spreads… It spreads from you to the one who hurt you onto the ones that hurt the one that you and so on. This is ancestral healing. Real forgiveness comes through understanding the true depth compassion.

It’s one thing to know this, but it s another to practice it’s virtue.

True forgiveness…. starts with self acceptance:

In some way we are always forgiving ourselves. It is through our actions in doing so that we bring healing.

Just having the thought is not enough. We must take action in our daily lives. You can go repent for your sins but it means nothing if we keep repeating the same behavior. It is though virtue that we not only repent but we atone for and take heartfelt action on behalf of our learnings. This is the gift.

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