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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

In this time of accelerated growth, of another retrograde and the impending eclipse, it feels like more happens in a shorter amount of time. We experience more in the external world and consequently also in the internal world. This is happening so we can experience accelerated growth. We are faced with our fears and shadows because they are our greatest teachers. To gloss over the real deep feelings you are having right now would be to rob your self of the greatest gifts of your life. We each carry the gifts and the wounds of our linage. They exists not give us free rein to blame and fall victim to circumstances, but to get curious about lies beneath them. We have come here to heal. Most of us have had this sense our whole lives that we were here for a purpose greater than the life most of us are born into. I feel that calling is unity, unity consciousness. How do we find that? By healing, by examining the patterns that we find our selves repeating. Each situation is dependent upon our interpretation of events. We must examine how we create the same outcome over and over by treating others or situations as if it was going to be that familiar scenario in new cloths. The evolution of humanity depends on each of us healing the karmic ties that keep history repeating itself.

To every person who reads this....

I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank You, I love you <3 Written by: Alicia

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