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Presence over Perfection

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

After contemplating on a recent session I had with someone and some emails I received. I wanted to share a deeper perspective on sacred art of performing.

What makes us beautiful is not our level of perfection but our presence.

While meditating on self-worth and it's unique relationship to performance art it came to me; There is a vulnerability with all art but when you choose yourself and your body as the medium you open yourself up to a whole new level of judgment.

If you are a painter or a writer you can simply change the line. When your body becomes the vehicle of your creation it's much more spontaneous and intricate.

You push yourself to extremes and fight unreasonable expectations of self-criticism.... Not to mention the more personal and intimate criticisms from others.

The lines that express your intentions not born out there. You can not see it, it comes from a carefully developed sense, you must feel from within.

What makes a person beautiful is not their level of perfection but their presence…

I am writing this today to remind us all, we are beautiful. We live in a world that often values youth over age, and beauty over brains. As young girls, we are taught that our social currency depends on how well we fit the molded images of beauty.

When we can master the game through proper etiquette and gestures we get rewarded, our needs are met.

Plain and simple, but not so simple…

This creates a void.

A void for all of our insecurities and fears to reside.

This void leaves us vulnerable to judgments inner and outer.

All the positive affirmations in the world can not save you from doing the real work, from looking honestly at the hidden dialogues that go on in the secret corners of your mind.

I struggle to find to right words because I too do not wish to be another judge. But what I can tell you is this:

When we need approval we will always be vulnerable the shadow of vanity and the question it possesses at its core “ Am I good enough?”

True courage is born from humility.

If you want to shine, find the place inside of yourself where you have nothing to prove. This is the pure reflection of your soul.

This is you in the purity of your divine presence.

May we raise our daughters in a new paradigm of beauty where being yourself is the currency of prosperity.

I always welcome your feed back, Thank You

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