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A living Metaphor

Transforming our life’s story into the poetry of our souls' calling through movement, breath and dance.

It’s time for us to dive into the real work​ of​ supporting one another to release the fears that keep us stuck emotionally and physically. What does it look like to embody our full potential? How would we move through the world if our channels of creativity were cleared of negative emotions. Most of us at times feel stuck because we live in a society were our value is placed on what or how we produce, which often overlooks the necessity to take time to go within. We have all witnessed in the growing trend of finding our relative worth from external influences like social media, posting photos of that perfect moment. If only it was as easy to photoshop our real lives as it is to portray ourselves as we'd like others to see us.

To be honest, I'm not beyond experiencing excitement when one of my posts gets a lot of hits. Of course, it means something to me that I reach people and my words hit home. Who doesn't relish the afterglow of a home run? It's hard to find the words that really speak into our collective hearts. I have great respect for the true voices and positive social media influencers out there. But my way has always been a pure communication from my heart through my body. I now find myself on a new road lead by spirit to share the wisdom that has come from a long journey of healing my own body and my relationship with it. To carry out this task I must learn to find the words that describe what has been an internal process. It's a process of becoming on every level. After all, our bodies are a living metaphor and the temporary house of our souls. Without the body we would have no means through which to express ourselves in the physical world.  Think about it… When you meet someone who cordially says, "nice to meet you," but they rarely look you in the eye, you instantly distrust them. Even if, what they're hiding is their own pain. If someone is sad, but they say, “I’m doing great,” few are fooled by their false affirmation. Facial expression and body language tell the real story, since we always know the lack of truth even if we can't name it exactly. Often, we choose to live our lives hoping that there will be a magic pill or antidote to hide our pain. I’m here to tell you there is not. The only way out is through. You can fake it and you might make it somewhere, but it will rarely lead to true fulfillment and joy - which by their nature are fleeting.  Yes, you can live in a state of joy but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever feel fear, pain or heartbreak again. It means you have discovered tools. Tools help us to return to the state of harmony within and give us something to lean into during the difficult times. On an intrinsic level you cannot lie about how you feel.  You can become a master of performance or seduction or any mask you choose to wear, but your audience will never feel as if they are a part of the experience or a part of something greater. It’s like having a one way conversation.  Your deepest creative expression is born from your authentic creative expression. It invites others to be a witness rather than a spectator. It invites us to move beyond the judgments of the outer false self.  As spectators, we get stuck in viewing each other as bodily beings, instead of spiritual beings. Witnessing allows us to behold the emerging gift of pure luminosity. We begin to remember each other as light beings, and as luminous souls. Remember: the body is a living metaphor for our souls' calling. Our expression is the poetry of our hearts longing.  This is our true gift.

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