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Sessions and Workshops
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My work as psychic and intuitive guide centers around sessions to help you gain greater clarity around specific areas of your life. I offer you insights into patterns, trauma, or wounds that continue to resurface in your life. These sessions help to uncover not only what may lay buried in your unconscious, but also give you practical tools to help shift your habitual patterns. These sessions are not typical conversations. Rather, I am channeling on behalf of your own higher self. Many people find that our sessions invite a deep confirmation of what they already knew but may not have been able to recognize.
These sessions are for those who want to know themselves 
find yourself facing an empass?  These sessions are for those who are looking for insight or clarity about a cu
devoted to living to their fullest potential. They are for those souls who want help in uncovering habitual patterns. 
I am trained in Depth hypnosis, a shamanic framework that uses hypnosis for soul retrieval, power retrieval, energetic removals, and past life regression. I am currently in PSI mentorship program with Tiffany Barsotti. 
There is a certain level of this work that is karmic. I approach it with deep humility. Some people's guides come through very strong, while others don't. What helps to ensure a successful session, is complete transparency, vulnerability, and humility.
I look forward to working with you. 

Single Session-

~One Intuitive Counseling Session

There are moments in each of our lives when we are faced with challenges, blocks, or just plain need someone to talk to.
These sessions help you to get clear insight into specific situations. Together, we'll uncover the root cause of what's troubling you or weighing heavily on your heart.
As an Intuitive, I help you to dig deeply into your own patterns, family constellation and unconscious conditioning. Together, we'll empower you to develop new strategies to deal with old problems.


Total Cost  $175 for 75 minutes.




Intuitive Counseling 3 session package

~ The Perspective Shift- Gaining new insight into a specific situation or issue ~

These sessions are similar to receiving a single session but I offer this as a package at a discounted rate for those who are in need but on a budget. This is a special offer and includes journal work in between sessions to deepen the capacity of the work in a short period of time.

*  3 intuitive counseling sessions on Zoom (recorded)
*  Listen to recordings- you will be asked to contemplate and journal about
    questions that come up in our session, breakthroughs you had or blocks you
    see that you can expand into.
*  Journal work in between calls so we can stay connected. You share the journal
    entries at least 42 hrs before our next call.

Total.Cost $400 (Payment plans available)







A Journey into the Heart of Awareness

~An in-depth, four-month inner retreat that explores what lies at the heart of your limiting beliefs, core wounds and habitual patterns.

This program is tailored specifically to suit each individual’s needs. It's also designed as an intensive that requires your real commitment. You must be willing to commit to yourself and be ready to dive deeply into your core wounds and limiting beliefs.
My role is to serve as your guide and mentor, to encourage you, and to hold you accountable.
However, as this course will teach you, becoming more aware of yourself and the patterns you perpetuate is truly an "inside job." It is only through your own willingness to take a close look at yourself that you will be able to create lasting changes in your life.
This course represents a profound journey into deeper awareness that leads towards a more authentic, joyful relationship with yourself and others.

What will you receive:
*   A bi-weekly, one-on-one Zoom call for 4 months
*   Journal work (weekly written Reflections)
*   Assigned Reading (From Suffering to Joy, The Undefended Self)
*   Internal Mapping
*   7 Guided Meditations
*   Two weekends of ceremonies (additional cost)
*   A Pure Vine Dieta (additional cost)

Total.Cost $3,000

Workshops - 

~Psychic Blindspots: A Shamanic Perspective on Clearing our Shadows through Forgiveness and Self-compassion

Most of us carry some kind of pain inside. It can be hard to reach that pain because we build walls to protect it; After all, we had to do this at some point in order to survive. 


So much of the pain we seek to heal in ourselves and our lives comes down to being able to first forgive ourselves - and then to forgive others. This offering is a roadmap to experiencing true forgiveness.  


We all have reoccurring themes that we return to over and over. This means some aspect of our energy is stuck there. Maybe you replay your last conversation with a loved one?  Maybe you recall something demeaning that someone said to you, or the critical voices of your parents, Maybe there was a time you felt alone, scared, or unloveable? Whatever it is, your task is to  identify and get to know it. This will lead you to that place inside which most longs to be healed in order to be fully present; remember: you can’t be truly be present if you’re still looking through the lens of your past. 


The antidote to this repetitive cycle is self awareness, and self honesty: Is what your saying true or is it a passing emotion? Get clear on who you truly are and don’t identify with what you are not in your highest truth. If we want to change something inside ourselves we have to learn how to be with it. By avoiding certain tendencies in our soul we only charge them, furthering their hold on our consciousness, breeding blindspots. 


It is not until we find real acceptance inside ourselves that we're able to fully release the hurt. However simple this may sound, it's not an easy process. It doesn't just happen because you say that you’ve done it. Most often, you have to do it over and over again. Each time reviewing and rewriting each incidence where the resulting belief caused by the original wound has gotten rein forced. This workshop is your invitation to enter into a dialogue with your self that is rooted beyond the ordinary, and anchored in the sacred


In this workshop, Alicia Marie will share with you a methodology of how to embody more forgiveness, and grace. This course will show you concrete steps towards actualizing authentic forgiveness in your life and your relationships. 




What you will receive: 

*  An introduction to a moving meditation practice. 


*  You will write four journal prompts.- Alicia will offer you feedback on your writing and internal process during your sessions with her.   


*  Two, one on one calls with Alicia.- In these calls, Alicia will draw on her intuitive insights to respond to your letters and specific prompts that are calling for more awareness to be released. She will draw on her intuitive skills to help you enter into deep communion with yourself. 


*  Four 90 min group zoom sessions.- This opens many doors as it invites you to not only be student but to also step into and share your process so that you ay teach others through your realizations and insights. This is also helpful because it creates a community and support system that encourages us to continue this work beyond this workshop.  



This workshop is a peek in the power and grace that becomes available to us the are ready to embark on the journey of true forgiveness…. and self-acceptance 

In some way, we are always forgiving ourselves. It is through our actions in doing so that we bring healing to our lives and our relationships.


Just having the thought is not enough. We must take action in our daily lives. You can go repent for your sins but it means nothing if we keep repeating the same behavior. It is through virtue that we not only repent but we atone for and take heartfelt action on behalf of our learnings. This is the gift.



Teacher: Alicia has been called a spiritual midwife and has a rare and unique open channel to spirit which gives her access to all sorts of necessary information that is needed for clients to release blocks and heal. Her own struggles in her early life have gifted her with a humble heart and the understanding of how challenging life can be. Along with her background in mindfulness training, she uses her relationship with plant spirits and guides to connect to the spirit world

Heal the past and bring more peace and patience and grace into your closest relationships. 


Cost: $500

Limit 8 participants. ( This class is almost full so please be sure to book right away)

What you can expect to receive: More self-acceptance and a roadmap toward experiencing True forgiveness…. 

In some way, we are always forgiving ourselves. It is through our actions in doing so that we bring healing to our lives and our relationships.

Just having the thought is not enough. We must take action in our daily lives. You can go repent for your sins but it means nothing if we keep repeating the same behavior. It is through virtue that we not only repent but we atone for and take heartfelt action on behalf of our learnings. This is the gift.

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