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Your deepest creative expression is born from your authentic creative expression. It invites others to be a witness rather than a spectator. It invites us to move beyond the judgments of the outer, false self. 



As spectators, we get stuck in viewing each other as bodily beings. Witnessing allows us to behold the emerging gift of pure luminosity. We begin to remember each other as spiritual beings, as light beings, and as souls.

~Alicia Marie

Learning to Listen

There comes a time when we must begin to question our deepest truth, our belief systems, their effect on our health, and our relationships.  

There is a profound healing in moving into uncomfortable places with gentle courage, when

we can learn to transform that energy into our most authentic expression.

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Hawaii Retreat


(Online) Aerial Yoga workshop

This program is an in-depth look at energy centers of the body and how they relate our emotional experiences and our ability to emit and express ourselves.

Tapping into and unlocking the limitless potential of transforming your relationship to your body creating a channel for the light of your spirit to emerge through your creativity. 

To see yourself as more than just a bodily being but a luminous spirit that breaks through the ego’s self-consciousness to reveal the spender of your own authentic truth as a channel for expression.

 Cultivating the union between the body and the spirit is necessary to develop a deeper connection to the natural flow of creativity. 


Why is this work important? 

Because we all have triggers and unresolved emotions, and if left untreated we will become emotionally defensive and in turn physically rigid. 


This Program will get you physical results through a daily aerial yoga practice, toning, and building strength. 

You will have to be committed to journaling and taking time to

listen to the emergence of deep intuition to invite your own deep wisdom.


 This 3-week journey is an intimate and life-changing experience. Offering you a framework to explore the deep healing of offering your forgiveness as an act of grace. 



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