Challenges show up in our own lives and in our common humanity so we can learn from them. By facing the challenges, we find the resolve to make peace with and transmute our karmic lessons. We do this not by trying to escape negative feelings, but by getting curious about what lies beneath them. If we don't learn to see ourselves as who we truly are and take responsibility for our own shadow and the choices we make, we'll continue to be bound by our blind spots, living in our unconsciousness.

   My work is an ever-evolving journey. I come to you not as a teacher but as a steward of spirit, a guide and perhaps a mirror of your deepest knowing. I believe that what lives within, lives without. This work is an exploration of self and the myriad layers of our consciousness. I am here to serve as a reflection.

We all have moments in our life when the path ahead becomes clouded by fear, sadness, anger, or confusion. This causes us to disassociate, and frequently, multiple disassociations become fragments. These fragments of our self take on"masks," or personalities of their own. They live in the shadows of our subconsciousness breeding blind spots and insecurities.

      When our inner world and outer world are harmonious, we can make clear decisions, we can hear when Spirit calls to us and synchronicity becomes our friend.

We are connected to our intuition. 

Learning to Listen

There comes a time when we must begin to question our deepest truth, our belief systems, their effect on our health, and our relationships.  

There is a profound healing in moving into uncomfortable places with gentle courage, when

we can learn to transform that energy into our most authentic expression.



One on one guidance and intuitive counseling.

As an empath and intuitive, I have helped many people navigate through troubling times. By developing a connection based on acceptance and transparency, you will receive solid feedback in our sessions to help you relate to and work through life's challenges. 
We can no longer go on as victims to our circumstances. Personal responsibility is everything. There is power in taking action, not as a defense, but as a proclamation of our own deep knowing of the path of forgiveness and unconditional love. 

There comes a time in each of our lives when we are called into what the mystics call the dark night of the soul. This journey varies greatly from person to person. It is both reflective of the lessons of your particular soul has set out to learn, and how you fit into what the greater web of what humanity is transmuting in your lifetime. 


In our current society, when faced with a problem, we frequently write it off as a "mid-life crisis," or Or we may harden, taking the stance “this is just the way I am” or “this is just the way the world is.”In some cases, a doctor might prescribe antidepressants.

Yet everything is probability, we are probability. This is a free-will zone and you have power and these lessons have shown up in order to teach you just how powerful you truly are. 


It’s important to have someone you can trust that is neutral and that will call you into action. It’s the only way to get out of the story. You have to peer deep enough into the pattern to see it is not only you who created it, but why you acted this way in the first place. Asking yourself what you are trying to heal by recreating the same pattern over and over. Playing the same game, laying out the same roles, but hoping someone will prove you wrong and do something different.


The shadow that hunts you answers by your name. The more you run, the more you grow fearful, the more power it has over you, but when you stop running and start tracking it, it begins to hide within your blind spots. It becomes elusive, cool, and even helpful at times. Until trouble hits again, and you re-enter that dark night of the soul. 

We are called to face ourselves at all cost because, deep inside, we know it is the only way to our freedom. 


(Online) Aerial Yoga workshop

This program is an in depth look at energy centers of the body and how they relate our emotional experiences and our ability to emit and express ourselves.

Tapping into and unlocking the limitless potential of transforming your relationship to your body creating a channel for the light of your spirit to emerge through your creativity. 

To see yourself as more than just a bodily being but a luminous spirit that breaks through the ego’s self-consciousness to reveal the spender of your own authentic truth as a channel for expression.

 Cultivating the union between the body and the spirit is necessary to develop a deeper connection to the natural flow of creativity. 


Why is this work important? 

Because we all have triggers and unresolved emotions, and if left untreated we will become emotionally defensive and in turn physically rigid. 


This Program will get you physical results through a daily aerial yoga practice, toning, and building strength. 

You will have to be committed to journaling and taking time to

listen to the emergence of deep intuition to invite your own deep wisdom.


 This 7-week journey is an intimate and life-changing experience. Offering you a framework to explore the deep healing of offering your forgiveness as an act of grace. 


Exploring  the fundamental relationship with self- through inner reflection and movement

This Yoga Philosophy Course is based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. Yoga Philosophy classes at EmbodiedTruth.life explore the meaning and depth of devotion and how it permeates into every aspect of our life. We coordinate the breath with physical movement to improve focus and bring a greater sense of awareness to our daily lives and our relationships.

A two week deep dive into our selves to refine our path and our personal practice. 

Start this year with devoting quality time to developing your personal practice. Yoga is not an outer expression it’s an inner experience. It’s more than Asana. It’s how we live and act in our relationships and our community. If ever there was a time to come together to support one another it’s now.

Join us in morning sadhana where we will share teachings that inspire us to live more authentically, harmoniously and to tune our inner compass to align with our dreams and our higher self. Followed by a juicy Yin/ Aerial yoga session to nourish your body and increase your flexibility. 


A moving meditation

Focus on the present moment with this transcendental yoga practice. 

Your deepest creative expression is born from your authentic creative expression. It invites others to be a witness rather than a spectator. It invites us to move beyond the judgments of the outer, false self. 



As spectators, we get stuck in viewing each other as bodily beings. Witnessing allows us to behold the emerging gift of pure luminosity. We begin to remember each other as spiritual beings, as light beings, and as souls.